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Applying modern theoretical and computational techniques to address problems in chemical physics, materials chemistry, polymer science, medicinal and biological chemistry and biophysics.

About the Henry Eyring Center

Members & Groups

The Henry Eyring Center for Theoretical Chemistry consists of the following research groups.

Bedrov Group

Professor Dmitry Bedrov

Materials Science and Engineering

Bidone Group

Professor Tamara Bidone

Biomedical Engineering

Cheatham Group

Professor Tom Cheatham

Medicinal Chemistry

Clark Group

Professor Aurora Clark


Facelli Group

Professor Julio Facelli

Biomedical Informatics

Gruenwald Group

Professor Michael Gruenwald


Molinero Group

Professor Valeria Molinero

Chemistry, HEC Director

Simons Group

Professor Jack Simons


Steele Group

Professor Ryan Steele


Swanson Group

Professor Jessica Swanson


Truong Group

Professor Thanh N. Truong




Last Updated: 8/1/22