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Wind River Mountains Trips

In 2003 and 2004, the University of Utah Chemists again ventured into the rugged Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.


We hiked into the Stough Lakes basin and the Ice and Deep Lakes basin. 

The 2003 trip gave Peter and his son, Matt, a chance to work on their tans.

Tom on the way in to base camp with his massive pack (containing the first night's dinner).

Tom, Chuck Mary Ann, Matt, and Peter (top) and Erin and Heather (bottom) on the hike in to the Stough Lakes area. Wind River Peak is in the background.

Peter resting in camp near one of the Stough Lakes (note the yellow hat he wears- we think he needs a fashion change)

Tom cooking up some of Mrs. Squires' famous spaghetti for the first night's dinner.

The second day, several of us went for a nice day hike on Roaring Fork Mountain and, of course, had some "discussions" about where we are on the map.

Looking down from Roaring Fork Mountain toward a beautiful set of lakes on our day hike with our Stough Lake base camp far in the distance.

Even (especially) when you are a little lost, you see wonderful scenery.

Tom, Jack, Peter, Chuck, and Matt "discussing" our location again as we attempt to find the best way to our camp.

Indeed we made it back to camp where we also experienced a little hail (actually, it was pretty intense for several minutes).

After the hail, we got to hang out and chat about what we did that day while we get our dinner ready.

The third day, we moved our camp from the Stough Lakes area up over a pass into the Ice Lakes and Deep Lakes area. This is Erin and Mary Ann huffing up the pass and a snowfield on the right.

This is a pretty cirque with a small glacier and one of the Ice Lakes that we saw on the way to our second camp at one of the Deep Lakes.

We camp near nice lakes like the Stough and Deep Lakes so we can wash up and soak our sore feet. These lake rocks give us a chance to sit and discuss important things.

The whole group: Peter, Mary Ann, Erin, Matt, Chuck, Peg, Heather, Lee Ann and Jack.

On our way out to the trailhead on the fourth day.

Peg leading the way (as usual- she is a speed freak).

Where Chuck was waiting for us ("where have you guys been"?).



We went into Clark Lake starting at the Green River Lakes entrance and came out by way of the New Fork Lake Trail. The night before we begin to hike in, we usually spend the evening in Pinedale, Wyoming at the Sun Dance Motel. 

Cindy lounging at the motel.

Cindy, Lee Ann, and Chuck at the Sun Dance Motel

Peter, Mary Ann, Erin, Heather, Cindy, and Peg at the Green River Lakes trailhead ready to attack the trail.

This is the Green River (with Squaretop Mountain in the distance) along which we hiked for 10 miles.

Another view of Squaretop.

Erin as we get closer to Squaretop.

A moose that we saw along the Green River.

And yet another moose.

Lee Ann doing a good job crossing a stream.

Lunch break after crossing the Green River.

After crossing the Green, we began out big hike uphill (about 2000 ft in 5 miles).

Jack waiting for Peg on the trail.

We finally arrived at out camp at Clark Lake.

Chuck and Tom enjoying camp.

A view from our Clark Lake camp.

Erin and Heather with Kobe (or is it Cobalt?) in camp.

Peg, Jack, Lee Ann, Chuck, Tom, Heather, Cobalt, Erin Peter and Cindy (taken by Mary Ann).

Erin looking happy in camp.

The second day, we took a day hike from Clark Lake to Peak Lake and Shannon Pass. This is a view early on this hike.

Lots of pretty flowers along the way.

Lots of boulders to hike in and around.

We even got lost once among the boulders.

We made it to Peak Lake, which is surrounded by many large peaks.

This is Stroud Peak. Tom and Chuck went up it as Jack, Mary Ann, and Peter went to Shannon Pass.

At Shannon Pass, Jack and Peter rested and repaired their feet.

More nice views on the day hike.

The next day, we moved from Clark Lake to a new camp along the New Fork River.

Looking back toward where we had been at Clark Lake.

Preparing camp the third night on our way out the New Fork River.

Peter and Lee Ann at our last camp discussing how many miles remain.

Jack showing off his fine camping outfit.

We saw more moose on the hike out to our cars at New Fork Lakes.

Approaching the New Fork Lakes Campground.

We made it!!

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